Our Microwave Theory

If you know how to use a microwave, you are good enough to learn RPA.

Because we think microwave is more complicated...

Step 1 Microwave: choose the frozen food you want cook.

Step 1 RPA: choose the data (files, folders, excel, word, web, email etc) you want to process.

We call this data (frozen food) as process inputs.

rpagi microwave theory step 2.jpg
rpagi microwave theory step 1.jpg

Step 2 Microwave: select the settings/functions such as duration, temperature or type of food, then press the Start button.

Step 2 RPA: select (drag and drop) the functions such as rename/move/create files and folders, update data in excel or word files, send or download emails with attachments, then click the Run button.

Step 3 Microwave: check if your food is cooked and enjoy your meal!

Step 3 RPA: check if your inputs are processed correctly at the targeted location, format or calculation and that's it.

we call this cooked food as process outputs.

rpagi microwave theory step 3.jpg

We find it always hard to tell which settings to have our microwave food cooked at the optimal temperature and we don't usually get it right.


On the other hand, RPA process outputs are always processed at 100% accuracy at the first go.

We hope you now agree with us that microwave is more complicated!