RPA Processes

Finance & Accounting
  • Pay to Procure

  • Order to Cash

  • Record to Report

  • Vendor Management

  • Collections

  • Incentive Claims

  • Sales Order

Human Resources 
  • Data Entry

  • Payroll

  • Joiners, Movers, Leavers

  • Attendance Management

  • Benefits Administration

  • Recruitment (back office)

  • Compliance Reporting

  • Personnel Administration

Supply Chain
  • Inventory Management

  • Demand & Supply Planning

  • Invoice & Contract Management

  • Work Order Management

  • Returns Processing

  • Freight Management

IT Services
  • Software Deployment

  • Server and App Monitoring

  • Routine Maintenance & Monitoring

  • Email Processing & Distribution

  • Batch Processing

  • Password Reset/Unlock

  • Backup & Restoration

Not sure if your business process can be automated?

There's a rule of thumb that your process inputs to be standard, structured and not handwritten.

Almost all business processes can be automated to some extent however they may require different types of bots such as attended and unattended bots, or a combination of other technology such as Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning.

Encourage your employees to submit their ideas on process improvement and creating a RPA culture will help you achieve amazing results from RPA implementation.

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Do the smart career switch and stay relevant in your industry.

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